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The Chale Sisters is a family run and owned business created and curated by two mothers, who also happen to be Sisters. 



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 is a popular West African pidgin Slang, that finds its origins in Ghana. It is equivalent in its meaning to the use of the word "friend" in Western lingo. It can be used to express a variety of emotions: excitement, joy, shock, and even sadness. Our use of it meant to evoke nostalgia & familiarity. As well as to symbolize the true essence of "Made in Ghana"

Our products are handmade for the Home, Children, and On the go

Being that we are for Collective of Artisans, we strive to encourage and support local Artisans and as such hope to sustain/ continue on an age-old tradition of craftsmanship, the African art of storytelling through skilful design techniques.


While also remaining transcultural in its influences and multicultural in experience. 

We are devoted to sourcing and employing naturally occurring materials, striving to make our products biodegradable and child-friendly.